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How to delete a Collection
To deleta a collection, simply open the archive section then Tap & Hold the collection you want to delete. The delete button will appears on top left. You can also tap on EDIT on bottom right. 
How to create a Collection
Where are my old Collections?
How to add media in a Collection
How to rename a Collection
How to delete a Collection
How to add media from a Pc or a Mac
How to Sync collection between two or more devices
How to open or close a browser Tab
How to import existing contacts or create new contacts
How to create new tasks
---Wallet section----
How to add a credit card
How to delete a card
How to change the card visualization order
---Recorder section---
How to change the recordings visualization order
How to delete a recording
How to add a recording
---Password section---
How to create a new password record
How to change the password visualization order
How to delete a password
---Scanner section---
---Archive Section---
---Browser section---
---Contacts section---
---Tasks section---
How to scan a paper document
How to bookmark a website
How to set an Album cover
How to backup the app archive?

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